Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Social Networking: Bandwidth Eater?

Me and a group of my colleagues at University of Moratuwa, conducted a small research to analyze the impact of social networking on bandwidth usage in corporate networks. Under the guidance of Dr. Chandana Gamage, we studied the network resource utilization patterns triggered by browsing social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. We then put our observations and findings into a short research paper titled, “Network Resource Utilization and Social Networking”. Our research was rather small and probably not highly analytical but I think anybody who runs a corporate network should have a quick look at it. However if you are a sworn social networking fan, I would say it’s best not to read it since our findings might seriously piss you off ;)

On a finishing note let me just say that bandwidth on corporate networks is a valuable resource that is generally shared among many people. So use it carefully and use it responsibly. Having some fun with social networking is fine. But always know your limits and ethical responsibilities.

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