Monday, March 23, 2009

ApacheCon EU 2009 Begins

After a 3 hour flight from Sri Lanka to India followed by an 8 hour flight from India to Netherlands, I finally arrived at beautiful Amsterdam city, to take part in the ApacheCon Europe 2009. The event is now being held at the Movenpick hotel at the Amsterdam city center. The main attraction of the first day was BarCamp Apache where a number of developers, committers and open source geeks like me presented on a variety of topics. I myself conducted a presentation on Apache Synapse and how it can be used to scale up Web Services deployments. Among the other presentations I really liked the presentation by Ricardo Varela on software for mobile platforms and the presentation by Ross Gardler on teaching open source. Sri Lankan student community was credited for their achievements in the last Google Summer of Code during the presentation by Ross :)

All in all it was a really awesome BarCamp with lots of great talks, t-shirts, sweets and coffee. Let's see how the things turn out tomorrow.

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Keheliya Gallaba said...

Hiranya aiya, its so interesting & motivating to read about your experience..
Have fun.. Good Luck..
plz do post in the coming days too..