Monday, March 16, 2009

Get Ready to Get MOINCed

Few weeks back me and my team managed to finalize developing the first prototype of our dream project, MOINC. If you are clueless as to what project MOINC is all about, it is an attempt to combine the Web Services paradigm with grid computing. The goal of the project is to be able to deploy enterprise Web Services for high availability and high scalability using commodity hardware. So far we have done three formal presentations describing each of the major components of the MOINC platform and we have written three research papers which we hope to publish very soon. In addition to the presentations we also conducted a formal demonstration of MOINC at University of Moratuwa, using 6 computers which effectively gave a preview of MOINC in action to a panel headed by our project supervisor Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and our senior lecturer Dr. Chathura De Silva. Presentations were attended by Dr. Sanath Jayasena, Dr. Chandana Gamage, Dr. Chathura De Silva and Mr. Shantha Fernando of the department of CSE, University of Moratuwa.

We got pretty good feedback from all those who attended the presentations and the demonstration, clearly indicating that we are on the right track to make MOINC into a useful software solution for business organizations worldwide. Some of the core features of the MOINC platform that we demonstrated are listed below.

  1. Deploy, manage and undeploy service artifacts (Service artifacts are uploaded as Axis archives - *.aar files)
  2. Track down idling computers in the local network and add them to the MOINC grid dynamically
  3. Download service artifacts into idling computers from a centralized registry/repository
  4. Action script based screen saver for client PCs
  5. Load balance the incoming service requests among all the active nodes connected to the MOINC grid (Powered by Apache Synapse)
  6. Monitor the grid via an AJAX based Web interface (Powered by WSO2 WSF/AJAX)
  7. Collect statistics related to computers connected to the MOINC grid and use them in the intelligent load balance mode
  8. MOINC community portal and forums (backed by WSO2 Registry and JForum)

That’s certainly a lot of features for a mere prototype. No wonder we got pretty good feedback. However there is certainly lot more work to be done. We need to improve the overall security of the platform. Currently there is a couple of security loop holes in MOINC SMM that we need to close off. Also Dr. Sanjiva suggested writing a Java security manager for MOINC client agent which ensures the security of PCs connected to the MOINC server. We need to start working on that soon as well. Also we have to finish our Maven2 integration stuff and get the release artifacts for MOINC 0.1-alpha out soon. We still haven’t cut the release artifacts for all the components of MOINC but the full source code of the prototype can be checked out from our SVN. Also checkout the developer resources section on our website for all the slides we used for the above mentioned three presentations.

I will also make arrangements for all of you humble readers to have a sneak peak at our research papers before we actually publish them. I promise. Meanwhile enjoy the presentations and other design documents :)


நிமல்-NiMaL said...

For sure its a lot for a prototype...

Good luck for your team of you accomplishments and the good work you plan to continue in the future...

Hiranya Jayathilaka said...

Thanks for the complements Nimal. We also appreciate all your help in setting up our domain and the website. Thumbs up!!!

Thilina Gunarathne said...

wow..sounds pretty exiting.. You guys should aim to publish the papers in good venues.. Keep up the good work..