Friday, January 8, 2010

"I See You"

I saw it and it’s a beauty!
Went to see Avatar last week with some friends, and I got only two words about the movie – “Frikkin Awesome”. It’s undoubtedly one of the best movies I’ve ever watched and definitely the best movie I’ve watched in last couple of years. Everything about Avatar is so fascinating. The plot, sceneries, special effects, music and just about everything else is near perfection. I also liked the message that movie attempts to give. Avatar is about people who are at the two ends of the spectrum. On one end we have people who are willing to engage in dirty act, commit any crime, kill anyone and destroy anything to earn a quick buck. On the other end of the spectrum there are people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend what is considered correct and uphold the moral values. The movie takes you through the conflict between these two types of people.
If you still didn’t watch it you are not even a person. So make haste. It’s science fiction and fantasy at their very best. Also please do yourselves a favor by watching it on the big screen in a real theatre, rather than watching it on your home theatre system.
Mr. James Cameron sir, you are a genius. Thank you loads to the actors and the behind screen team of Avatar for the great entertainment. And congratulations on breaking the record previously held by Return of the King for the second highest-grossing movie ever. With the way things have been going, may be even the first place (which is currently held by Titanic) is a possibility right now.