Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carbonizing SOA

It's probably bit late to blog regarding this subject, but what the heck? After all, late is better than never.

WSO2 folks released their flagship product, the mother of all open source SOA solutions, WSO2 Carbon – Middleware a la carte. It is a componentized, customizable SOA platform built on Equinox and OSGi. The platform can be configured and tailored to suit the enterprise architecture of any business organization. Among the major components of the Carbon platform are;

1.WSO2 Web Services Application Server 3.0
2.WSO2 ESB 2.0
3.WSO2 Registry 2.0
4.WSO2 Business Process Server 1.0

All these high level components share the same set of core Carbon modules. It is really exciting to see how those high level middleware solutions combine with the core Carbon framework to deliver the results. Sounds interesting? Feel like learning more? Here you can find an introductory presentation on WSO2 Carbon. It gives a good insight into this revolutionary product and its architecture. Also don't forget to checkout other related articles and presentations on WSO2 Oxygen Tank.

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