Friday, March 27, 2009

ApacheCon EU 2009....Finishing Touches

The ApacheCon EU 2009 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) came to an end today evening. We had a BarCamp on 23rd followed by a Hackathon on 24th. The conference commenced on 25th and continued until today evening. We had two keynotes and around 64 technical presentations during the last three days. I was fortunate enough to take part in the following presentations.
  • Embrace OSGi (by Carsten Ziegeler, member of ASF)
  • Tales from OSGi trenches (by Bertrand Delacretaz, member of ASF)
  • OSGi as a framework for building a product line (by Ruwan Linton and Afkham Azeez, WSO2)
  • HBasics: Hadoop's big database (by Michael Stack, Microsoft)
  • Apache license as a business model (by Paul Fremantle, WSO2)
  • Clustered Web services for high availability and scalability (by Ruwan Linton, WSO2)
  • EDA with Apache Synapse (by Paul Fremantle, WSO2)
  • Performance tuning Apache Tomcat (by Filip Hanik, SpringSource)
  • How to become a project at ASF (by Martijn Dashorst)
  • Introduction to NIO 2.0 (by Jeanfrancois Arcand)
  • Using MINA 2.0 (by Emmanuel Lecharmy, IKTEK)
  • Becoming a Tomcat super user (by mark Thomas, SpringSource)
  • High availability != High cost (by Norman Maurer, HEAG MediaNet)
  • Apache POI (by Nick Burch, Torchbox)
  • Enterprise build & test in the cloud (Carlos Sanchez, G2iX)
  • Shindig for blogs and wikis (Dave Johnson, VP Apache Roller)
I also got the opportunity to chair most of the above sessions thanks to the organizers and folks of the Apache TAC. Thanks guys! You rock!

Out of the two keynotes, I really enjoyed the keynote on 'open sourcing the analyst business' by James Governor. It was a real blast!

In addition to all the technical knowledge I gathered during the conference I also made quite a lot of new friends. I met some very interesting people working at various levels and projects of the ASF. All in all it was a very successful ApacheCon, not just to me but to everybody that participated. (I have a lot more to mention but unfortunately I have to cut it short. I have lot of packing left to do before I start the return journey tomorrow morning.)

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