Saturday, July 7, 2012

WSO2 API Manager Beta is Out

WSO2 API Manager 1.0.0-Beta1 is now up for grabs. You can download the binary distribution from here. This release comes with many bug fixes, functional enhancements and UI improvements. A full list of issues resolved for this beta release is available here.
One of the most significant changes done in this release is changing the URL contexts of the default API Publisher and API Store portals. API Publisher which was previously accessible on https://host:port/apiprovider has been moved to https://host:port/publisher. API Store which was previously available on http://host:port/apistore is now available on http://host:port/store.
We intend to release another beta version (1.0.0-Beta2) of API Manager before we make the final 1.0.0 release candidate available. In the meantime please try out our latest release and give us your valuable feedback on or

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