Monday, September 12, 2011

SOA & Business: Thoughts from a Pro

Most developers and architects today understand the fundamentals of SOA. SOA concepts and related technologies such as WS-* have been around for several years now and they are not exactly the new kids in town. But it's surprising to see that many business organizations are still not harnessing the true power and potential of SOA. SOA can help make a business more agile and flexible to change while reducing lot of development and maintenance overheads. It can also address many IT management problems by implanting proper SOA governance practices and processes within an organization. So then why many organizations have yet failed to realize these goals with SOA?
While many companies have been struggling to implement proper SOA, eBay, the world's largest on-line market place, has done wonders with it. Most of eBay's IT infrastructure is based on SOA principles. They have also developed a fantastic SOA platform called eBay Turmeric, which they open sourced a few months ago (this framework uses WSO2 Governance Registry inside). Sastri Malladi, who is a distinguished architect at eBay has been a driving force behind these SOA adoption efforts. In a couple of days time he's going to deliver a keynote speech titled "Service Orientation - Why is it good for business?" at WSO2Con. If you are wondering why business organizations should consider SOA or why they are failing to implement proper SOA, this is the session to attend. I'm sure it's going to be a very exciting session.

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