Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apache Attacks: A Real Eye Opener

It seems year 2010 is gradually turning into the year of cyber crimes. The year started off with news reports on a very sophisticated and targeted attack on Google corporate infrastructure. According to Google, the attackers were successful in stealing valuable intellectual property. Now after about four months from the Google incident, a massive attack has been carried out on the Apache Software Foundation. Attackers have exploited a previously unknown vulnerability in the Atlassian JIRA instance used by the ASF, to gain root access to the server hosting the JIRA instance. Attackers also messed up the JIRA instance to install some sniffers that can capture and log user passwords. According to the Apache infra team a whole bunch of user passwords have been compromised as a result of the attack. This attack was later followed by another attack, this time directly on the Atlassian IT infrastructure, which has also exploited the same security hole in JIRA.
The Apache infra team did a pretty amazing job to mitigate the threat and take control of the situation. They have also taken some additional security measures to prevent such disasters in the future while Atlassian has rolled out patches for the aforementioned security hole.
It is hard to imagine what makes somebody attack the ASF IT infrastructure. The whole world knows that we are just doing non-profit, voluntary work at ASF. Nobody gains a monetary benefit by attacking the ASF. May be it is just to compromise the passwords and get to the users/committers. Most people use the same password to login to multiple systems (Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail etc). So if the attacker can get the password for one system, he can gain access to all the other systems.
All in all, this incident is a real eye opener to all of us surfing the Internet. No system is 100% safe and no system is invulnerable. An attacker with sufficient patience and skill will always find a way in. It is up to the users to be careful and minimize the chance of something horrible happening.
Moral of the Story:
We should use multiple passwords to login to different systems as much as possible. We should use strong passwords at all times. And we should definitely change the passwords in a regular basis to mitigate the effects of a possible brute force attack. (We hear these stuff everyday but how many of us actually do it? That's the problem. We should actually put these guidelines into action.)
PS: If you are an Apache committer and did not change the JIRA password yet, please do it NOW!!!

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