Friday, September 18, 2009

A Tour to the Past

Something non-technical for a change today.....
I've always wanted to visit a museum and see some artifacts from the Jurassic age. I'm very enthusiastic about learning more about the giant lizards that roamed the earth millions of years ago and I've always wished that I could see those gigantic dinosuar fossils live, without a TV screen. Finally I got the opportunity when I was in Salt Lake City, Utah, a few weeks back. The Utah Museum of Natural History is a fascinating place with lots of things to see, learn and do. They exhibit some very rare artifacts illustrating the Jurassic ages, world history, American history, geography and plant and wildlife. What I liked most was that instead of just seeing stuff, the museum has lots of facilities where you can watch educational videos, read books and managazines and take part in interactive games and activities. The use of modern technology in the musuem is mind blowing.

The musuem has special admittance rates for University students (you just need to show your student ID) and they have a special gallery named "Toadally Frogs", dedicated to kids, featuring some rare species of toads and frogs.

It indeed was a wonderful and fulfilling experience vsiting the natural history musuem of Utah. If you are visiting Salt Lake City, make sure you allocate some time to go and visit this exceptional place. Oh and did I mention that they have a huge collection of natural minerals and rare stones along with a gallery full of live insects? You don't wanna miss those.

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NOBIAH said...

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